Meyer Library Liaisons

College of Business
Department Liaison Contact Number
School of Accountancy Raegan Wiechert 417-836-4190
Finance, Economics and Risk Management Joshua Lambert 417-836-3183
Information Technology and Cybersecurity Joshua Lambert 417-836-3183
Management Joshua Lambert 417-836-3183
Marketing Tracy Stout 417-836-8938
Merchandising and Fashion Design Dea Borneman 417-836-5958
Technology and Construction Management Andrea Miller 417-836-7695
College of Education
Department Liaison Contact Number
School of Teaching, Learning and Developmental Sciences Tracy Stout 417-836-8938
School of Special Education, Leadership and Professional Studies Dea Borneman 417-836-5958
Secondary Education Crystal Dicke 417-836-4345
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Department Liaison Contact Number
Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science Rachel Besara 417-836-4525
Chemistry and Biochemistry Rachel Besara 417-836-4525
Biology Raegan Wiechert 417-836-4190
School of Earth, Environment and Sustainability Rachel Besara 417-836-4525
Mathematics Joshua Lambert 417-836-3183
Cooperative Engineering Anne Baker 417-836-4299
Computer Science Anne Baker 417-836-4299
Darr College of Agriculture
Department Liaison Contact Number
Agribusiness, Agricultural Education and Communications Raegan Wiechert 417-836-4190
Animal Science Tracy Stout 417-836-8938
Environmental Plant Science and Natural Resources Raegan Wiechert 417-836-4190
Hospitality Leadership Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
McQueary Family College of Health and Human Services
Department Liaison Contact Number
Anesthesia Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
Biomedical Sciences Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
Communication Sciences and Disorders Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
Kinesiology Andrea Miller 417-836-7695
Nursing Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
Occupational Therapy Crystal Dicke 417-836-4345
Physical Therapy Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
Physician Assistant Studies Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
Psychology Tracy Stout 417-836-8938
Public Health and Sports Medicine Andrea Miller 417-836-7695
Social Work Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
Reynolds College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Department Liaison Contact Number
Art and Design Anne Baker 417-836-4299
Communication, Media, Journalism and Film Grace Jackson-Brown 417-836-4547
School of Criminology Crystal Dicke 417-836-4345
School of Defense and Strategic Studies Grace Jackson-Brown 417-836-4547
English Jessica Bennett 417-836-4551
History Grace Jackson-Brown 417-836-4547
Languages, Cultures and Religions Andrea Miller 417-836-7695
Music Sue Reichling 417-836-4700
Military Science Grace Jackson-Brown 417-836-4547
Political Science and Philosophy Joshua Lambert 417-836-3183
Sociology, Anthropology and Gerontology Crystal Dicke 417-836-4345
Theatre and Dance Sue Reichling 417-836-4700