Proxy Cards

Proxy Cards Policy

  • Proxy Authorization is a service offered to Missouri State faculty and staff members who want other Missouri State individuals to be able to check out materials for the faculty/staff member.
  • Completed cards will be given to the faculty or staff person to give to their proxy. The proxy will have the authority to check out library materials for the identified faculty/staff member only at the Springfield Missouri State University libraries.
  • A proxy must present the proxy card and a valid picture ID to check out items using the card.
  • Only three proxies may be authorized at any given time for one faculty/staff member.
  • All proxies will be authorized for a maximum of one year, unless the faculty/staff member specifies a shorter period of time. After 1 year please submit another form and bring in the old proxy card if possible.
  • The faculty/staff member is responsible for all materials borrowed on his or her patron record by an authorized proxy. This includes responsibility for payment of all fines and replacement charges.
  • Faculty/staff members who use a proxy are encouraged to view their library accounts on a regular basis (we suggest weekly) to confirm all materials checked out by the proxy have been approved by the faculty/staff member. 
  • You can also fill out a printable form and return it to the Meyer Library Information Desk

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