Ozarks Oral History Project - MSU West Plains

Project Description

In the 1970s, 1980s and the early 1990s, students in the American History classes on the West Plains campus were given several options for assignments, one of which was to interview a relative or an elderly person in the community to try to learn about and to preserve our local history. Over the years, the cassette tapes of these interviews were moved around and stored in various places, and some ended up on the shelves of Garnett Library.

Many of the cassette tapes were lost or damaged over the years and those that have survived are at the end of their ‘shelf life.’ Not only is the technology obsolete, but the tapes are deteriorating. In an effort to preserve the information stored in this collection, Garnett Library has digitized many of the recordings.

Below are lists of the participants in the interviews and recordings. It is not all-inclusive, but is as thorough as we could manage with the information that we have. Because the interviews were not thoroughly documented and not conducted in a formal scientific method, the names of the participants were not available for all the tapes. Spellings may be incorrect as well, for those names that were not written, but spoken in the recordings.

Please look at the lists below for your name, or to see if you know any of those persons listed. If you participated in this class project, either as a student or an interviewee, or if you are the heir of a student or interviewee who has passed away, please contact us at the library. We have copyright permission forms that you can sign, or you can let us know if you do not want your recording to be made available.

Missouri State University - West Plains
Garnett Library
304 W. Trish Knight St.
West Plains, MO 65775

Interview Participants


Persons Interviewed

Andrews, Carmen Allen, Dail
Atkinson, Mary Amyx, James L.
Baker, Shane Atkins, Harley 
Bandy, Jeff Auffert, Alice 
Barbee, Ann Bailey, Dr. Virgil 
Becker, Pam Bailey, Lonnie 
Beltz, Shelia Bailey, Myrtle 
Benfrock, Robin Bales, Russell 
Bergman, Sue Ball, Ben 
Bimms, Eva Ballinger, Fay 
Bird, Cindy Young Bandy, Ray 
Birdsong, Scott Bates, Shelly E.
Blackburn, Judene Bigby, Mr. (Vietnam War Veteran)
Bowman, Patricia Bird, Alva
Bramwell, Lynda Bird, Roark
Bray, A.J. Blue Jay (Blackfoot Indian)
Brokley, Patrick Bowers, Marvin 
Brotherton, Sherry Bowers, Orville 
Camor, Imogene Boyer, Ellie Mae
Caplinger, Don Boyer, Fred 
Carlson, Roger Bradley, Lyle 
Carlson, Terry Brazeal, Roy 
Carroll, Steve Brazil, Waldo 
Cartwright, Ruth Brener, Richard 
Chaney, Steve Bridges, Stella 
Cheny, Royal Brill, Keith 
Cloven, Kim Broadfoot, Darryl 
Colbert, George Broadfoot, Donald 
Colbert, Vernon Brown, Charles
Colborn, Darrell Brown, Elsie 
Collier, Melinda Bryan, Ruth
Collins, Corine Burkhead, Blanche 
Collins, Greg Burkhead, Wilburn 
Collins, Jonathan Caldwell, Mr. 
Collins, Johnny Callahan, Carl 
Collins, Robert Carlson, Francis L.  
Collins, Sandy Carlson, Raymond
Collins, Shirley Carroll, Roxie 
Combs, Jubal Case, David 
Conlisk, M.P. Cave, Taylor 
Cook, Albert Chandler, Ruby  
Cooley, Clara Chaney, Mary 
Cox, Cindy Chaney, Steve
Craig, Michelle Chritton, Bill 
Crawford, Carvin Clenons, Robert 
Creed, Bob Clinton, Gene 
Crews, Tammy Cloose, Floyd  
Davis, Freda Collins, Freddie 
Davis, Kelly Collins, Greg
Davis, William Collins, Marie  
Du Bois, Nancy Collins, Owen 
Edgeller, Susan Comber, Oachie
Evans, Steven Combs, Ira 
Forbes, Angela Comer, Lizzie 
Freeman, Janice Conner, Troy 
Gargione, Donna Cooley, Rosa 
Garner, LeAnn Cooper, Dr. C.W. 
Garner, S.C. Cox, Ervin E. 
Getty, Sandy Craig, Eugene  
Goodrich, Dorothy Craig, Mary
Graham, Debbie Critton, Bill
Green, Beth Crow, Vernon 
Greiner, Jan Crowley, Martha 
Gum, Dee Dee Culp, Jim 
Gunter, Janet Curly, Noah 
Hampton, Margret Davis, Bill 
Havens, June Davis, Georgia 
Hawkins, Betty Davis, Lane 
Hendrix, Jim Davis, Sherman
Henson, Reide Phelps Decker, Wayne 
Herndon, Maryanne Dix, Dave
Hicks, Glen Dobbs, Ella 
Hogan, Mike Dodson,  Millie 
Holdcroft, Grant Dodson, James 
House, Reta Douglas, Jack 
Howell, Linda Downen, Ted P. 
Howell, Lisa Downy, J.W. 
Hufstedler, Margaret Drago, George 
Humphreys, Anita Dunlap, David 
Hunter, Sharon Eastman, Grace 
Ingalsbe, Mark Edgeller, Vivian 
Janzen, Dan Farrow, Vera 
Johnson, Carol Ferguson, Carl 
Jones, Len Ferguson, Leota 
Jones, Will Fields, Mora Belcher 
Joplin, Sandra Fite, Charles and Mrs.  
Keaster, Helen Forbes, Ann
Kennicott, Christine Ford, Wayland 
Kimbrough, Dewayne Forrest, James 
King, Denisea Fox, John 
Kirk, Steve Franks, Forrest 
Lawson, Barry Freeman, Burl 
Lawson, Kerry L. Freeman, Charles
Loring, Rhonda Freeman, Lum 
Loring, Sherri Freeman, Myrtle
Loughridge, Danny Freeman, Verly 
Lower, E. Joy Garner, Edna
Marsh, Valla Garner, Joel
Martin, James Garrett, Clifford 
Martin, Mark Garrett, Martha 
Martinez, Paulette Gentz, Ann
Mauldin, Terry Gentz, Irvin
McCarroll, Wallace Gilbert, Arthur John 
McIntire, Barbara Gilbert, Jeanetta  
McKinney, Tim Goodman, Ethel 
McLlellan, Joe Goodman, Ron
McVicker, Paul Googe, Eva
Melvin, Tom Gossard, Helen 
Miller, Paula Gossard, Robert
Montgomery, Greg Gregon, Elila 
Mullison, Larry Gregon, Loyd 
Naron, Clyde Griffin, Fern  
Nash, Teresa Griffin, Harvey
Neathery, Shawn Hall, Zanna Bell McBride 
Nelson, Benny Hamilton, Chester
Nevatt, Sue Hampton, Golden 
Orf, Gaylon Hanks, Ruby 
Owens, Carol Hatfield, Oren 
Parrish, Sherrill Helvey, Ina  
Patterson, Cheryl S. Helvey, Leona
Pendergrass, Devona Hensley, Redman 
Pettie, Beverly Henson, Ruth 
Pickly, Beth Hibler, Ernestine 
Pitman, Jennifer Hill, Bonnie 
Preston, Barbara Holdcroft, Lan L. 
Pummill, Betty Holden, Cillian
Rackley, Janet Hollis, Duck 
Randolph, Cheryl Hopkins, Jess 
Riddle, Shirley Hopkins, Burk
Ritter, Jim Hopkins, Royce 
Ritter, Ruth Horak, Ella 
Roberts, Linda House, Neva 
Roberts, Shelia Huddleston, Jim 
Robinson, Barbara Hughes, Freeman 
Robinson, Rhonda Hull, Emma 
Roman, Leyla Hunt, Grace 
Ross, Mike Hyler, Charley and Mrs.
Rowlett, Eddie Ingalsbe, Louise
Russell, Judy Ingram, Jessie 
Ryan, Karen Irvin, Jesse 
Ryan, Kelly Johnson, Herlin 
Sanders, Cathy Johnson, Ira
Scharnhorst, Diane Johnson, John 
Scherff, D. Johnson, Paula
Schultz, Jo Lynn Joplin, Ken
Shipman, Cathrine Kantz, Carolee 
Sigman, Kimberly Kelley, Clara 
Sims, Evt. Agnus Kennedy, Basil
Smith, Mary Kay Kennedy, Judy
Smith, Mona Kennedy, Olga
Smith, Nivan Kennicott, Theola 
Smith, Rita King, Mike 
Smith, Sabrina Kirk, John Sr.
Spencer, Jack Kirk, John T. 
Staples, Jack Kivant, Evelyn
Stevens, Lisa Knoxx, Theoda 
Stewart, Cary Krantz, Carolee 
Stewart, Kathy Lair,  Dorthy 
Stewart, Wayne Lawrence, Ray
Stone, Bill Lawson, Calvin E. 
Taylor, Mary Mike Maguffie, Gene 
Taylor, Vickie Mahan, Flay 
Thomas, Sandy Majors, John 
Todd, Vickie Manion, Roy 
Tower, Joy Martin, Bill 
VanWinkle, Deloris Martin, Ellen 
Waggoner, Dellie McFann, Barbara 
Waggoner, Sandy McGuire, Clifford 
Waggoner, Willie McMurtrey, Lowell 
Wake, Debbie Meeks, B. 
Ward, Tammy Melvin, Edward 
Warren, Doris Ann Mitten, John 
Warren, Doug Mollison, Larry 
Warren, Mary Montgo, Viva
Webster, Gary Montgomery, Earl 
Weibe, Dale Montgomery, Hubert 
Weiss, James A Montgomery, John 
Wetzel, Sara Montgomery, Viva 
Williams, Victor Moody, Noal
Wood, Roger Moody, Rene 
Wright, Cyndi Nash, Ana
Young, Val Nash, Cecil
  Nichols, Guy 
  Oaks, Willie 
  Oply, Dr. Jean 
  Parrett, Herschel 
  Patel, Mr.
  Pease, Mrs.  Mary Lee
  Pettie, Beverly
  Pettyjohn, Archie
  Phillips, Richard 
  Pond, Hugh 
  Pond, Pauline 
  Pothers, Marge Lewis 
  Pounder, Wayne 
  Reavis, Dorthea
  Reedle, William 
  Reese, Lynn "Cotton" 
  Rendleman, Clara
  Renfro, Clarence 
  Rethwich, Dorothy 
  Rex, Earl 
  Rhine, Jake
  Robinson, Dorothy 
  Ryan, Gladys 
  Senn, Joe 
  Shannon, Hubert 
  Shyrock, Nan 
  Simmons, Larry 
  Simpson, Lewis 
  Simpson, Warren T. 
  Smith, Bernard 
  Smith, Joel 
  Smith, Louise 
  Southernland, Tom 
  Sparks, Mr. & Mrs. Lowell 
  Springer, Lloyd
  Staples, Edna 
  Stark, W.H. 
  Steely, Coni 
  Stewart, Clyde
  Stewart, Ruth
  Stocker, Bill 
  Stocker, Eula 
  Stoke, W.E. 
  Stroud, Wanda 
  Stuart, May   
  Stubbs, Floyd 
  Swain, Chet  
  Swain, Iola 
  Swanson, Mr. (Log home builder)
  Sweaten, Guy 
  Teague, Ray
  tenZythoff, Gerrit
  Thomas, Delia 
  Thomas, Fred
  Thomas, Violet
  Thompson, Fay   
  Thompson, Louise  
  Thompson, Riley 
  Thompson, Tim 
  Thornburgh, Louise 
  Tucker, Alice Sue
  Tucker, Sanford 
  Vanderhoef, Grace
  Vanderhoef, Mary
  VanWinkle, Deloris
  Wade, Goldie 
  Waggoner, Harry 
  Waits, Irene 
  Walton, Dean 
  Ward, Mr. & Mrs.
  Weaver, Boram  
  Weaver, Mary
  Webb, Mildred  
  Webster, Pearl 
  Welton, Fay  
  Wheatly, Marshall
  Wilburn, Mildred 
  Wiles, Anne 
  Williams, Mildred 
  Williams, Pat 
  Williamson, Cleve  
  Williamson, Maggie 
  Woolman, Frank 
  Wright, Noel 
  Yeager, Joseph Teho
  Zello, Kyle 
  Zorn, Dan