First-Year Programs Library Resources

The mission of the Duane G. Meyer Library instruction program is to encourage the development of information literacy skills for all Missouri State University students.

Information literacy can be defined as a process by which students come to:

  • Recognize when they have a need for information
  • Identify the kinds of information needed to address a given problem or issue
  • Develop a search strategy and find and evaluate the needed information
  • Organize the information and use it effectively to address the problem at hand
  • Use the information legally and ethically

These essential information-seeking skills and behaviors contribute to an individual’s ability to think critically and advance his or her success as a life-long learner.  Collaboration and communication between librarians and instructors is essential to a successful information literacy program. Several options are available to assist instructors with the teaching of information literacy skills.

Please see our Instruction Policies page for guidelines on library instruction.  If you would like to schedule a session, please use the Library Instruction Request Form.

Additional Resources:

Examples of Effective Research Assignments

Well-designed, course-related library assignments are an effective way to introduce students to library research. Students learn best about library resources when the instruction is linked to a specific, focused research assignment. The assignments listed are offered as alternatives to the traditional research paper, but they are not exclusive of longer projects.

Print Guide for First-Year Instructors

Detailed guide contains goals, outcomes, assignments, and suggested assessment for first-year students. It also includes an extensive bibliography of both print and electronic resources.

PowerPoint Presentation for First-Year Instructors

Presentation given to GEP instructors contains suggested assignments and information related to increasing student information literacy skills.

For additional information, assistance, or suggestions contact Crystal Dicke, Information Literacy Coordinator, 417-836-4345,