Suggested Research Assignments

Students learn best about library resources when the instruction is linked to a specific, focused research assignment. The assignments listed below are offered as alternatives to the traditional research paper, but they are not exclusive of longer projects.

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Research Journal

Students keep an ongoing record of the library research they do for a project, including methodology, sources consulted, keywords used, etc.  Students should note what worked, what didn’t, and how this exercise was useful. 

UNC-Asheville: Keeping a Research Journal

Career Assignment

For this assignment, students find information on their chosen career in at least one reference book, general books, journal articles, and web sites. Instructors should specify a set number for each source type sources. Students identify the required qualifications, such as what education, experience and licenses (if any) are needed. They also research salary expectations, possibly places of employment and employment forecasts for their career. This assignment is intended to help students begin to examine their interests, abilities and experience and also learn how to research a real life information need.