Instruction Policies

The Reference Department tries to be as flexible as possible when scheduling a library visit for classes. However, we ask that faculty and instructors respect the following policies:

  • We design each session to suit the unique needs of your course so please schedule as early as possible to reserve the time slot that best fits your students' needs, even if the class won't be coming to the library until later in the semester.
  • Research has shown the most effective information literacy instruction happens at the point-of-need. Therefore, we respectfully request all librarian-led instruction sessions be tied to a specific research assignment. If you need general instruction that is not tied to a specific research assignment, please use the Searchpath tutorial.
  • We strongly recommend that you plan the session for when students are beginning to work on their research project. Note that the first three weeks of the semester might be too early, depending on your course schedule. See Suggested Research Assignments for course assignments that integrate library research and information literacy. We will also help to design course assignments that effectively integrate information literacy and library research.
  • Plan to attend the entire session with your students. Interaction between faculty members, librarians, and students enriches the learning process and emphasizes the importance of the library and information literacy to the students. In addition, students are often more attentive and engaged when the faculty member is present.
  • Avoid scavenger hunts! Searching for obscure facts frustrates students and teaches nothing useful about research. Contact a librarian if you are unsure about a library exercise you are planning.

For additional information, assistance, or suggestions contact Crystal Gale, Information Literacy Coordinator, 417-836-4345,